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Fall Sangria

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Sangria isn’t just for summer anymore! Mix together crisp apple cider, aromatic cinnamon, DeKuyper® Triple Sec, and white wine. Top ...

Wedding Sangria

Recipe by mam62505 Rating
Reviews 8 reviews
People won’t believe it when you tell them what is in this simple sangria. We served it at our wedding ...

Pineapple Sangria

Recipe by Allrecipes Member Rating
Reviews 6 reviews
Easy sangria recipe that can be easily altered based on fruit you have on hand and personal taste.

Strawberry Sangria

Recipe by BUCKEYEMJ Rating
Reviews 2 reviews
A refreshing summertime sangria with a fresh, strawberry taste.

World’s Best Evil Sangria

Recipe by Steve-O Rating
Reviews 3 reviews
Best sangria I’ve ever had. The evil is in how tipsy it’ll make you because you want to drink so ...

Blackberry Sangria

Recipe by Samantha Rating
Reviews 8 reviews
Delicious beverage to sip while enjoying a nice spring or summer day.

Sangria (Red)

Recipe by themistycat Rating
Reviews 5 reviews
Like most of my recipes this is a combination of several others because I couldn’t find one that was exactly ...

White Sangria with Kiwi

Recipe by Monica Joy Rating
Reviews 6 reviews
Bubbly and refreshing. This is great to make for picnics, outdoor parties, or brunch.