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Mint-Chocolate Leprechaun Shots

Recipe by tcasa Rating
Reviews 1 review
A chocolaty-minty drink to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day – make it non-alcoholic like the two glasses in front of my ...

Quarterback Attack Shooter

Recipe by lutzflcat Rating
Reviews -
This shooter’s classic ratio is two to one, gin to sweet vermouth. The sweet vermouth gives you a slightly sweet ...

Lemon Drop Shots

Recipe by KATESWIFT Rating
Reviews 8 reviews
A yummy alcoholic shot perfect for parties… tastes just like the candy!

RumChata® Pudding Shots

Recipe by DebbyJean Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
These are even better than Jell-O® shots. You could also serve these after dinner in place of dessert.

Pink Brain Shooter

Recipe by Marie Angel Cat Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
This spooky Halloween treat is scarily realistic! A non-alcoholic version may also be made for the kiddies by substituting the ...

Chocolate Cake Shot

Recipe by Janell Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
A shot that tastes and feels just like a piece of chocolate cake. You have to shoot it to believe ...

B-52 Bomber

Recipe by mrmonkmonks Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
I used to work as a bartender, and noticed that Christine was looking for a recipe for the B52 Bomber ...

Strawberry Shooters

Recipe by superfox12082 Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
Tried this at a country music festival and loved it! Easy, a little messy, but oh so worth it! Eat ...