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Mini Strawberry Santas

Recipe by barbara Rating
Reviews 10 reviews
You can easily make these little Santas as a holiday dessert yourself. All you need are strawberries, whipped cream, and ...

Sweet Noodle Kugel with Raisins

Recipe by Sahara B Rating
Reviews -
This sweet noodle kugel with raisins is a family favorite for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Sweet goodness.

4th of July Flag Cake

Recipe by kerberr15 Rating
Reviews 1 review
Family favorite for 4th of July barbecues. The combination of fresh berries and creamy vanilla pudding mix makes for a ...

Mom’s Christmas Cookies

Recipe by Steve Rating
Reviews -
These are traditional cookies Mom used to make for Christmas. They are a bit of work, but they were so ...

Leftover Turkey Enchilada Pot Pie

Recipe by Margar Rating
Reviews -
After Thanksgiving or Christmas, when the sides and desserts are long gone, but you’re still left with a mountain of ...

4th of July Dump Cake

Recipe by raquelk Rating
Reviews 1 review
I have been making this cake every year for 4th of July for a long time. Makes a quick and ...