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Fajita Seasoning

Recipe by Traci Meeds Rating
Reviews 10 reviews
This is a great recipe to make your own fajita seasoning. No bouillon cubes means this is perfect for vegetarians ...

King’s Seasoned Salt

Recipe by Falvor King Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
Smoked paprika with a hint of thyme creates a seasoned salt with more character.

Vanilla Sugar

Recipe by Heide F Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
A lot of European cookie recipes use vanilla sugar in place of vanilla extract. My mother would make a large ...

Sarah’s Chili Seasoning Mix

Recipe by Sarah Dipity Rating
Reviews 10 reviews
A medium-hot chili seasoning. Add to chili in place of store-bought packets. Add more or less cayenne to adjust heat/spiciness.

BBQ Spice Rub

Recipe by Brenda McGrath Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
This rub is so simple! It’s made with the everyday spices you have in your cupboard. I rub it on ...

Diva Curry Blend

Recipe by awakenedone Rating
Reviews 4 reviews
This awesome homemade curry recipe blend is so delicious, you will never buy a store-bought blend again! Loaded with turmeric, ...

Tourtiere Spices

Recipe by Peter Gagné Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
A blend of spices used in the traditional French-Canadian tourtiere (meat pie). I use beef, pork and veal, but this ...

Simple Cajun Seasoning

Recipe by azstud Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
Here is a simple way to make Cajun seasoning using normal kitchen spices.

Creole Seasoning Blend

Recipe by JOSLYN Rating
Reviews 10 reviews
This Creole seasoning blend is great for seasoning rice, meats, soups and stews, or anything that needs a flavor boost. ...