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Greek Chicken and Potato Bowl

Recipe by Chef John Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
How do you make our Big Fat Greek Salad bigger and fatter? By adding garlic, lemon, and herb chicken and ...

Healthy Tasty Salmon Rice Bowl

Recipe by Foodie Rating
Reviews 1 review
I love salmons and an advocate of healthy eating and quick cooking. In one bowl, I can uptake many nutrients ...

Healthy Big Bowl

Recipe by veronica Rating
Reviews 7 reviews
Comfort food with vegetables. I made up this recipe. Both my 18-year-old son and 14-year-old daughter loved it – it’s ...

Baja-Style Chicken Bowl

Recipe by mlreffey Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
For a little extra flavor, add the salsa while cooking instead of after.

Chickpea Buddha Bowl

Recipe by MyNutriCounter Rating
Reviews 1 review
This delicious vegan dish is perfect for when you don’t have much time. For this dish, we’ve used a mix ...

Asian-Inspired Vegetable Noodle Bowl

Recipe by MICHELLE0011 Rating
Reviews 2 reviews
Delicious, nutritious vegetarian noodle bowl. Lots of color and flavor. You can find the green soybeans in the freezer department ...

Spicy Chicken Noodles

Recipe by Chef John Rating
Reviews 10 reviews
No matter what recipe they’re used in, rice noodles are a proven crowd-pleaser. I think this spicy chicken noodles dish ...

Amazing Peanut Soba Noodles

Recipe by Tarrin Rating
Reviews 6 reviews
This is a deliciously fresh and easy recipe. It is best served cold but can also be served at room ...

Asian Steak and Noodle Bowl

Recipe by Chrissy Gaynor Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
A delicious combination of Asian flavors infused in lean meat, vegetables, and Japanese noodles. So comforting, you won’t even know ...