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Sarah’s Easy Vegetable Stir-Fry

Recipe by Sarah Dipity Rating
Reviews 5 reviews
This is a Chinese-style stir-fry with a brown sauce. You can use any combination of your favorite vegetables. The sauce ...

Erika’s Ginger Beef

Recipe by Erika Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
Despite the prep work, this dish isn’t too hard to make and it tastes amazing. Add more or less ginger ...

Drunken Shrimp

Recipe by misch Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
Spicy large shrimps cooked in beer which my mom makes during weekends.

Beef with Green Onion

Recipe by LINDA CILEK Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
The best beef stir-fry dish I’ve ever tasted. It’s easy, and the oyster sauce gives it such a wonderful flavor. ...

Ginger Beef Stir-Fry

Recipe by thedailygourmet Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
This stir-fry comes together for quick weeknight meal. I do not suggest dry garlic powder or dry ginger, as you ...

Watermelon Rind Stir-Fry

Recipe by Gennette Rating
Reviews 6 reviews
The rind of a watermelon contains a lot of nutrients that go to waste if you just throw it away ...