Meat and Poultry

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Smoked Back Bacon

Recipe by Mike E Rating
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Homemade back bacon, a salty and sweet treat! It can be eaten after smoking or pan-fried afterwards. I like it ...

Air Fryer Cornish Hen

Recipe by Soup Loving Nicole Rating
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This is my basic recipe for no-fail air fryer Cornish hens. I use the Tyson® brand Cornish because they are ...

Korean Barbecue Short Ribs Teriyaki

Recipe by Chef John Rating
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We are doing Korean-style barbecue beef short ribs, except that we’re going to use a classic Japanese teriyaki marinade, which ...

Boudin Blanc

Recipe by stella Rating
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Boudin blanc is a white French sausage, a specialty from the Champagne Ardenne region of France. Enjoyed traditionally during Christmas ...

Herb and Mushroom Lamb Chops

Recipe by Gracy F Rating
Reviews 1 review
Mom’s recipes never go wrong. These moist and mouthwatering, tender lamb chops are sure to delight everyone.