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Carrot Raisin Salad

Recipe by Yoly Rating
Reviews 2 reviews
A basic and simple recipe for carrot salad. The pineapple is optional. It tastes great as is but you can ...

French Bistro Salad

Recipe by Bibi Rating
Reviews 1 review
This simple green salad has a fresh, vibrant vinaigrette, and uses fresh minced herbs as a final touch. Serve this ...

Grilled Corn "Tabbouleh"

Recipe by 13256936 Rating
Reviews 2 reviews
Grilled fresh corn kernels take the place of bulgur wheat and lend a slightly sweet edge in this version of ...

Stone Fruit and Tomato Salad

Recipe by VirginiaWillis Rating
Reviews -
Peaches, plums, tomatoes, and cherries are tossed in a zesty blend of parsley and lemon juice in this easy salad ...

Italian Deli Pasta Salad

Recipe by France C Rating
Reviews 2 reviews
This pasta salad has all my favorite things from the Italian deli – a trio of meats, a mix of ...

Armenian-Style Potato Salad

Recipe by Chef John Rating
Reviews 3 reviews
Potato salad is the first food I remember eating, so I really do have a deep emotional attachment, but every ...

Salmon Salad Niçoise

Recipe by Bibi Rating
Reviews -
There are a lot of steps in this salad, but it is worth every one, in my book! This is ...