Fries Recipes

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Animal Style Fries

Recipe by Anonymous Rating
Reviews -
Everyone knows that despite being freshly cut, the pale and soggy fries are In-N-Out’s weakest point, but if you smother ...

Carne Asada French Fries

Recipe by Soup Loving Nicole Rating
Reviews -
French fries topped with my favorite street taco and smothered in queso. Loaded fries don’t get much better than this. ...

Baked Cauliflower Fries

Recipe by Chef John Rating
Reviews 5 reviews
These cheese-y baked cauliflower fries are fairly time consuming to make but, served with a spicy ketchup dip, they’d make ...

Green Banana Fries

Recipe by Victoria M.H. Rating
Reviews 10 reviews
I learned about this when I was in Kenya. I’ve never tasted better fries nor more nutritious fries. Potatoes aren’t ...

Cajun Home Fries

Recipe by Sophie Rating
Reviews 7 reviews
Make extra baked potatoes just so you can make these Cajun-spiced home fries for breakfast or a side dish the ...
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