Bisque Recipes

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Golden Vegan Cauliflower ‘Bisque’

Recipe by Paul Snave Rating
Reviews 6 reviews
Hearty and satisfying without being overly rich or heavy, this flavorful, easy, healthy ‘bisque’ gets rave reviews and is always ...

Tomato-Gouda Bisque

Recipe by Kent Rating
Reviews -
Blended tomato bisque flavored with Gouda, herbs, and hints of anchovy. Finish with a bit of sour cream.

Crabmeat Bisque Made Easy

Recipe by Tammye S Green Rating
Reviews 8 reviews
This is not a thick soup, yet it is creamy and so smooth to the palette. The aroma when cooking ...

Pumpkin Bisque (Dairy Free)

Recipe by MichelleD Rating
Reviews 3 reviews
This is extremely flavorful. It actually surprised me as I was just testing to see if I could use pumpkin ...

Tomato Bisque with Chicken

Recipe by vababe Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
Yummy and filling tomato bisque with tender pieces of chicken! Use a store-cooked chicken and a can of tomatoes, and ...

Spicy Lobster Bisque

Recipe by VHC123 Rating
Reviews 3 reviews
Creamy bisque soup with a hint of spice. Works great with crab meat too.

Easy Imitation Lobster Bisque

Recipe by Sandra Clukey Rating
Reviews -
This is a wonderful recipe for easy lobster bisque I created after our store was selling imitation lobster meat at ...