Pork Chili Recipes

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Saint Charles Mesa Sun-Kissed Chili

Recipe by Diana71 Rating
Reviews 1 review
Made from the famous Pueblo, Colorado chiles grown on farms in the fertile and sun-kissed Saint Charles Mesa, this pork ...

Oktoberfest Chili

Recipe by bbuedel Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
A hearty chili with a little kick and a German twist.

Hatch Chili

Recipe by james Rating
Reviews 10 reviews
I’ve been making this Hatch green chili for years and it never fails to please!

Hatch Chile Verde

Recipe by Yoly Rating
Reviews 6 reviews
Hubby and I are Hatch chile fanatics. We buy 50 pounds of roasted Hatch chiles when they are in season. ...

Ground Beef Chili with Beans

Recipe by Marla L Rating
Reviews 5 reviews
A delicious mix of ground beef, chorizo, beans, and vegetables in a hearty tomato base. I entered it in a ...

Pulled Pork Chili

Recipe by MCFALONE Rating
Reviews 1 review
A delicious alternative to traditional chili, made with pork loin, wild rice, white beans, and authentic Mexican red chile. Make ...

Mexican Pork Chili (Chile Verde)

Recipe by Big D Rating
Reviews 5 reviews
This Mexican pork chili (chile verde) is cooked with the low and slow method in the oven, adding a real ...

Paleo Chili

Recipe by Lnldad Rating
Reviews 10 reviews
Paleo (eating like our pre-agricultural revolution ancestors ate) chili is made without beans. In the west we typically include beans, ...

Chili Colorado

Recipe by Ron Shepherd Rating
Reviews 10 reviews
This is a rich, mild chili and pork stew. It is one of my favorite things, which I like to ...
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