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Cold Gazpacho

Recipe by Lena Rating
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There is nothing better than gazpacho on a hot summer day. Make sure you use really ripe, high-quality tomatoes for ...


Recipe by Brian Genest Rating
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A sweet and spicy, British-born soup that features a heavy Indian influence with ingredients like coconut milk, lentils, and curries. ...

Cucumber Gazpacho

Recipe by Elizabeth Mervosh Rating
Reviews 1 review
This summer-ready gazpacho tastes cucumber-forward with an underlying sweetness from the honeydew and honey, and the sherry vinegar sharpens those ...

Caribbean Carrot-Ginger Soup

Recipe by Jessica Lawson Rating
Reviews 5 reviews
I developed this recipe while in the Dominican Republic. Living in a small, rural beach town, I had to be ...

Moroccan Lamb Stew with Apricots

Recipe by Jasmine Rating
Reviews 3 reviews
The lamb gets mellow from cooking until tender, and the warm spices take away any overly “lamby” flavor. The apricots, ...

Kitsune Udon

Recipe by Jasmine Rating
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The broth for this dish is very umami and slightly fishy with subtle notes of seaweed. The noodles are springy ...