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Creamy Vegetable Cheese Soup

Recipe by KIMRDH Rating
Reviews 10 reviews
This recipe has been in my family for years. Quick and easy. Everyone will love it. For some variation, try ...

Smoked Tomato Bisque

Recipe by Kim Fliehmann Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
Rich and smokey tomato soup. Great with a crusty loaf of bread. The soup will be VERY thick, so add ...

Broccoli Potato Soup

Recipe by Susan B. Rating
Reviews 10 reviews
A quick, hearty soup. Great on a wintry afternoon.

Lobster Soup

Recipe by Dorothy Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
A recipe Mom has used since I can remember. A special treat at Thanksgiving. Always a hit! For better flavor ...

Diann’s Chili Vegetable Soup

Recipe by PICKS Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
This recipe came about when I tried to make a cabbage soup similar to the one served at a local ...

Smoky Potato Cheese Soup

Recipe by Anonymous Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
This is a thick cheesy potato soup, flavored with smoked sausage.

Cheese Soup with Broccoli

Recipe by Aubra Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
A great Cheese Soup recipe. It can be used as a light meal with salad, but we like it best ...