Noodle Soup Recipes

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Kitsune Udon

Recipe by Jasmine Rating
Reviews -
The broth for this dish is very umami and slightly fishy with subtle notes of seaweed. The noodles are springy ...

Lisa Lynn’s Fideo Soup

Recipe by 1010lisalynn Rating
Reviews -
My husband and I love the appetizer portion of fideo soup offered at many Mexican restaurants as the first course ...

Khao Soi Soup

Recipe by Chandrav Rating
Reviews 6 reviews
From northern Thailand, a noodle soup with an amazing mix of flavor and texture. My mom made this for me ...

Easy Chicken and Gnocchi Soup

Recipe by Nyna Rating
Reviews 6 reviews
A warm and cozy soup for chilly fall and winter nights. This recipe is quick and easy but with all ...

Pick-Me-Up Egg Drop Soup

Recipe by Clarissa Leigh Rating
Reviews 2 reviews
I was not feeling well one evening and wanted soup. But I only had chicken broth and that sounded boring. ...

Japanese Nabeyaki Udon Soup

Recipe by jaime Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
This is a wonderful Japanese soup, very popular throughout Japan – with chicken, eggs, and vegetables. A meal in and ...
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