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Slow Cooker Beef Bourguignon

Recipe by stella Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
The secret to beef bourguignon? Slow cooking! This is a slow cooker beef bourguignon that tastes delicious after a long, ...

Ropa Vieja (Cuban Beef)

Recipe by Chef John Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
This Cuban braised beef dish literally translates to ‘old clothes,’ because apparently some people thought the fall-apart meat and colorful ...

Alita’s Tomato Beef Stew

Recipe by Kate in Berkeley Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
Alita tweaked this rich, tomato-based beef stew over the years from her original recipe, which was much less red and ...

Persian-Style Pumpkin Stew

Recipe by Soheila Rating
Reviews 4 reviews
Are you looking for a new taste of a pumpkin dish? Here it is! This is a Persian sweet and ...

Turnip Stew-Arabic Style

Recipe by HESANTONE Rating
Reviews 3 reviews
A wonderful combination of turnips and beef in tomato broth served over white rice.

Cowgirl Stew

Recipe by Paula Todora (Paula T) Rating
Reviews 10 reviews
Hearty and easy-perfect for the cowgirl (or cowboy) in all of us! Can also be made in a slow cooker.

Ground Beef and Vegetable Stew

Recipe by armom Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
This is a stew made with ground beef. My family loves this rich and hearty stew. Good on a cold ...

Ghormeh Sabzi (Persian Herb Stew)

Recipe by marybakes Rating
Reviews 5 reviews
Ghormeh sabzi is deliciously savory and loaded with the flavors of several different green herbs. It’s traditionally served atop white ...