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Spicy Salmon Maki

Recipe by thedailygourmet Rating
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I can’t claim this to be authentic, but it sure was tasty and packed just enough heat for my preference. ...

Mexican-Style Chicken Taco Casserole

Recipe by Bibi Rating
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All the flavors you love in a chicken taco come together in this handy casserole. Since most tortilla chips are ...

Mini Chicken and Corn Tacos

Recipe by fabeveryday Rating
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My take on the viral mini tacos. These little chicken and corn tacos bites are perfect for a party or ...

Air Fryer Shrimp Tacos

Recipe by Karen Rankin Rating
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Tender, flavorful shrimp with a slightly caramelized outside and a wonderful coating of tart/creamy/herbal cilantro-lime butter. The warmed flour tortillas ...

Sous Vide Carnitas

Recipe by France C Rating
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These incredibly moist, melt-in-your-mouth carnitas are infused with warm spices and become the base for a variety of dishes. My ...