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Spicy Salmon Maki

Recipe by thedailygourmet Rating
Reviews -
I can’t claim this to be authentic, but it sure was tasty and packed just enough heat for my preference. ...

Ahi Sushi Cups

Recipe by Darcy Lenz Rating
Reviews 1 review
Skip the mat-and-roll routine and keep sushi night simple with these easy-to-make and impressive-to-serve cups. For a wow-worthy party app, ...

Ground Beef Teriyaki

Recipe by Rebekah Rose Hills Rating
Reviews -
Quick, easy, and delicious. Perfect for a filling lunch or dinner. Serve this over warm rice, noodles, or zoodles if ...

Chef John’s Milk Bread

Recipe by Chef John Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
Japanese-style milk bread is easy to make and stays moist and fresh longer than your typical loaf of homemade bread ...

Japanese Curry

Recipe by MMSVA Rating
Reviews 2 reviews
Japanese curry is different from Indian or Thai curries. It is more of a brown stew and it can be ...

Instant Pot® Sushi Rice

Recipe by Buckwheat Queen Rating
Reviews 4 reviews
Sushi rice made in your Instant Pot® ensures perfectly cooked grains with this simple method. I tested 4 different methods ...

Kid-Friendly Chicken Katsu

Recipe by meloakley Rating
Reviews -
A Filipino friend of mine from Hawaii gave me this recipe after bringing it to a party we were at. ...
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