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Anise Waffle Cookies

Recipe by Shannon E Rating
Reviews 7 reviews
This is a waffle cookie seasoned with anise seed and anise oil. It is baked on a waffle iron. It ...


Recipe by Cindy Krafft Rating
Reviews 8 reviews
These are sweet Swiss cookies. We usually make them for Weihnachten (Christmas Eve) and top them with sprinkles but they ...

Swiss-Style Pork Tenderloin

Recipe by Ruth's Chris Rating
Reviews -
I enjoyed this simple and delicious pork cutlet dish, (Zuri G’schnetzlets), in Switzerland in a home near Zurich. It was ...

Al’s Baked Swiss Steak

Recipe by Al Kavalauskas Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
This is a variation on another recipe, which is great as is, but I couldn’t make Swiss steak without green ...

Homemade Muesli

Recipe by Michelle Pavón Rating
Reviews 3 reviews
This beats the oats out of the boxed variety! Store tightly covered. Scoop a serving into a bowl and add ...

Cheese Rosti

Recipe by Bob Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
This delicious layered potato and cheese recipe comes from Basel, Switzerland. Enjoy!

Aargau Carrot Cake

Reviews 9 reviews
Canton Aargau is composed of Switzerland’s most fertile farmlands, celebrated for fruit, vegetables and the famous Carrot Cake. Moist, delicious ...
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