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Peach Jam with Amaretto Liqueur

Recipe by gutefee Rating
Reviews 4 reviews
Opinions differ how this jam tastes best. Some members of our family like it as a spread on toast, others ...

Sour Cherry Amaretto Jam

Recipe by mixerlisl Rating
Reviews -
This jam is not only great to spread on toast but also to fill sandwich cookies and other pastries.

Amaretto Coffee Creamer

Recipe by Summer Davis Rating
Reviews 3 reviews
Flavored coffee creamers you buy at the grocery store make your coffee taste great but are quite expensive. It is ...

Pears Baked in Amaretto Cream

Recipe by Sherry Lynn Rating
Reviews 5 reviews
Butter, sugar, amaretto, and a bit of cream are all you need to turn pears into a warm and comforting ...

Amaretto Ice Cream

Recipe by ly1310 Rating
Reviews 4 reviews
Delicious, creamy amaretto ice ream that uses no eggs. Very quick and easy! It can be used in floats or ...

Amaretto Brownies

Recipe by APLETKA Rating
Reviews 5 reviews
Fudgy brownies plus amaretto. How can you go wrong? (Warning – alcohol is not baked out of this recipe.) Keep ...

Amaretto Sour Cocktail

Recipe by Allrecipes Rating
Reviews 4 reviews
The easy to make drink is hard to put down. A little sweet and a little tart, the amaretto sour ...