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Carrot-Star Anise Soup

Recipe by Cherry Liu Rating
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This was something I created off the cuff because I thought the flavors would combine well… and boy, did they! ...

Italian Cookies with Anise

Recipe by AliciaVR6 Rating
Reviews 3 reviews
Every family reunion since I can remember my great Aunt Nin brings anise-flavored Italian cookies that everybody loves. I figured ...

Anise Sugar Cookies

Recipe by Dianashh Rating
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These anise cookies take me back to my childhood… They’re crispy, sweet, and full of flavor! Serve with tea.

Italian Anise Bread

Recipe by Lindsey Elizabeth Rating
Reviews 4 reviews
My family has been making this Easter bread for generations. It’s origins are in a family bakery owned by my ...

Easy Anise Cookies

Recipe by Gary Atashkarian Rating
Reviews 3 reviews
Easy and delicious cookies. They have a nice crunchy outside and are chewy on the inside.

Anise Waffle Cookies

Recipe by Shannon E Rating
Reviews 7 reviews
This is a waffle cookie seasoned with anise seed and anise oil. It is baked on a waffle iron. It ...

Anise Bread

Recipe by Sonoran Sweetheart Rating
Reviews 7 reviews
A dark, slightly sticky, sweet bread. You MUST like the anise flavor to like this bread.