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Blueberry Babka Braid

Recipe by LauraF Rating
Reviews 2 reviews
I’ve been doing a fair amount of baking thanks to the Coronavirus stay-at-home orders. This babka braid looks complicated but ...

Babka French Toast

Recipe by Bibi Rating
Reviews -
Babka is a rich yeast bread, layered with chocolate, from Poland. If you would like to bump it up a ...

Cheese Babka

Reviews 10 reviews
Polish cheese babka like my grandmother served every Easter.

Chocolate Babka

Recipe by Lilia Rating
Reviews 10 reviews
Of all of the breads I’ve baked, my friends love this one the most. It’s soft and moist, and the ...

Ukrainian Country Babka

Recipe by Anonymous Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
This Ukrainian Country Babka is not as rich, it has less eggs. Some Babka’s may have as many as 30 ...

Polish Babka Cake

Recipe by Anonymous Rating
Reviews 3 reviews
This traditional Polish babka is a cake perfect to enjoy with an afternoon cup of tea or coffee. My version ...

Basic Babka

Recipe by Nicholio Rating
Reviews 8 reviews
This Jewish treat is a hybrid of sweet roll, swirl bread, and coffee cake. It’s a sweet yeast dough that ...