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Two-Ingredient Bagels

Recipe by Karla Harmer Rating
Reviews 3 reviews
These easy to make two-ingredient bagels are tender, soft, and chewy. You can use any combination of seeds for sprinkling, ...

Two-Ingredient Air Fryer Bagels

Recipe by lutzflcat Rating
Reviews 6 reviews
The base for these homemade bagels is a popular 2-ingredient pizza dough recipe. No yeast, no waiting for dough to ...

2-Ingredient Dough Bagels

Recipe by Annie Campbell Rating
Reviews -
Homemade bagels have never been easier. With this “magic” 2-ingredient dough, you can have fresh and fluffy bagels, hot out ...

Tori’s Air Fryer Pumpkin Bagels

Recipe by Lela Rating
Reviews -
This recipe was created by a grandma and a granddaughter sharing the love of cooking in the kitchen. A delicious ...

Whole Wheat Bagels

Recipe by Cathryn Aune Rating
Reviews 3 reviews
These yummy bagels can be made starting in the bread maker and are so simple you will wonder why you ...

Multigrain Bagels

Recipe by jan2keno Rating
Reviews 3 reviews
I added flaxseed meal, wheat germ, rolled oats, and whole wheat flour to a recipe I adapted from the Minneapolis ...

Real Homemade Bagels

Recipe by PLAWHON Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
A recipe for that authentic bagel flavor and texture.