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Baklava Pinwheel Cookies

Recipe by Kim's Cooking Now Rating
Reviews 1 review
Walnuts, honey, and cinnamon bring the flavors of baklava into this chewy pinwheel cookie. Not the prettiest cookie, but oh ...

Baklava Cheesecake

Recipe by Trinity Rating
Reviews 2 reviews
A decadent combination of two of my favorite desserts: cheesecake with a baklava crust. I call it cheeseklava! This is ...

Strawberry Cheesecake Baklava

Recipe by nguimond Rating
Reviews -
Two of my favorite things in the world are strawberry cheesecake and baklava, so I found a way to combine ...

Chocolate Baklava

Recipe by Robin C Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
This chocolate version of the traditional Greek dessert is a cinch to make but looks like you’ve slaved for hours. ...

Grecian Baklava

Recipe by schwintosky Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
This is a great baklava recipe I’ve developed after eating many different types and styles of baklava. It’s certainly worth ...

Pistachio Hazelnut Baklava

Recipe by J William Poulson Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
Making Baklava is a long process, but you will find the results of your labors rich and rewarding with this ...

Baklava II

Recipe by PRENSES Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
This is my delicious recipe for baklava. I have been asked by several of my Turkish friends to share the ...

Pistachio-Walnut Baklava

Recipe by Smart Cookie Rating
Reviews -
Spiced nuts are layered between buttered sheets of phyllo pastry and baked into this crispy, flaky delicacy saturated with an ...

Christmas Baklava

Recipe by Shane Rating
Reviews -
This is a variation on pralines. Use cinnamon and nutmeg to taste, and dust a little powdered sugar on top. ...

Chef John’s Baklava

Recipe by Chef John Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
I tend to enjoy a generous ratio between nuts and pastry, as that makes me feel a little bit better ...