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Sweet Pulled Pork Barbacoa

Recipe by jackson187 Rating
Reviews 2 reviews
This is an easy version of a popular dish at a local restaurant. Put it in the slow cooker before ...

Copycat Chipotle® Beef Barbacoa

Recipe by RainbowJewels Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
This delicious chipotle dish is paleo friendly and a crowd pleaser. Serve in taco or burrito shells with cilantro-lime rice, ...

Beef Barbacoa

Recipe by Brian Genest Rating
Reviews -
Juicy, intensely flavorful pulled beef barbacoa. For my money it’s the best taco filling there is.

Beef Barbacoa (Barbacoa de Res)

Recipe by Anonymous Rating
Reviews -
Tender beef brisket in a flavorful guajillo sauce with Mexican seasonings. This is the quick pressure cooker version of the ...

Instant Pot® Barbacoa

Recipe by kdvanwert Rating
Reviews 5 reviews
This recipe for Instant Pot® barbacoa is lightly spicy and extremely easy! Serve meat on freshly made corn tortillas with ...

Barbacoa Meat

Recipe by streetgang Rating
Reviews 10 reviews
Traditionally a Sunday morning treat, but barbacoa is great any morning. Barbacoa can be for the more adventurous, but a ...

Chipotle Barbacoa

Recipe by Dani_Dizzle Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
This is as close to a certain big chain’s barbacoa meat I have ever made! It is full of intense ...

Slow Cooker Beef Barbacoa

Recipe by lizbot1 Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
A Mexican-style shredded beef that is slow cooked in spices and vegetables, and wrapped in a flour tortilla.

Barbacoa Supreme

Recipe by She's a cooker Rating
Reviews 7 reviews
I have always loved the barbacoa at Chipotle® and tried to duplicate it at home. This is an excellent comfort ...