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Smoked Brisket Rub

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I don’t like a lot of sauces like barbecue sauce, so my husband came up with this rub and it ...

KC’s Smoked Brisket

Recipe by Kevin...lost Rating
Reviews 4 reviews
Beef brisket slowly smoked with mesquite, Texas-style. Time-consuming but very tasty.

King Beef Oven Brisket

Recipe by Grady Spears Rating
Reviews 10 reviews
Grady calls supper at Perini Ranch Steakhouse in Texas one of life’s great pleasures. Here he’s adapted their brisket recipe ...

50-Minute Corned Beef Brisket

Recipe by Merle24 Rating
Reviews 1 review
Quick and easy tender corned beef brisket done in the Instant Pot® – no need to cook it for hours ...

Robert’s Brisket Rub

Recipe by Brnagin4 Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
This is a basic brisket rub recipe which leaves a tangy and flavorful crust on the brisket. It has been ...