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The Banh Mi Burger

Recipe by Chef John Rating
Reviews 1 review
I’m combining my favorite sandwich with my other favorite sandwich to create my new favorite sandwich. If, that is, you ...

The Best Black Bean Burger

Recipe by CookingWithShelia Rating
Reviews 2 reviews
This is the best black bean burger ever! The flavor you get from adding fresh herbs, spices, garlic, and shallots ...

The Best Veggie Burger

Recipe by NicoleMcmom Rating
Reviews 1 review
These veggie burgers are hearty, savory, and rich in meaty flavor, thanks to cremini mushrooms, rice, black beans, and walnuts. ...

Venison Burger Bake

Recipe by nevadafoodies Rating
Reviews -
Forget about Meatless Mondays. I’d prefer to celebrate Monday with this venison burger bake topped with cornbread Stove Top® stuffing.

Baked Chicken Burger

Recipe by CookingWithShelia Rating
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The fresh basil is the star ingredient in this burger recipe… combined with the smokiness from the liquid smoke and ...

Sarah’s Oklahoma Onion Burger

Recipe by thedailygourmet Rating
Reviews 1 review
Onion burgers are one of America’s greatest regional renditions, but be warned–these are diner style, and prepare for those drops ...