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Apple Walnut Canadian Butter Tarts

Recipe by Chef John Rating
Reviews 3 reviews
An apple-infused twist on a traditional Canadian Butter Tart. These have a wonderful texture and flavor and are a perfect ...

Canadian Flag Cake

Recipe by WestCoastMom Rating
Reviews 8 reviews
Celebrate Canada Day with a flag cake! Vanilla sheet cake with a whipped cream cheese frosting, decorated with strawberries to ...

Canadian Saskatoon Pie

Recipe by CharlieBrown64 Rating
Reviews 5 reviews
Saskatoons are a berry found in the British Columbia prairies, Alberta, and Saskatchewan. They resemble a blueberry in looks but ...

Canadian Apple Pie

Recipe by maplegal Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
An apple pie with the sweet delight of maple syrup. Try it with maple walnut ice cream. Yum!

Classic Canadian Caesar

Recipe by ambibambi Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
This drink is very popular in Canada. Take a lick of the celery salt and then a drink of the ...

Erin’s Canadian Fried Dough

Recipe by ERIN Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
This recipe is passed down from my Nana who was famous for her doughnuts. This is one she would make ...

Thera’s Canadian Fried Dough

Recipe by Thera Holmes Rating
Reviews 10 reviews
If you have ever been in Canada, especially Ottawa, Ontario, we have a pastry called BeaverTails® — a whole-wheat pastry, ...

Canadian Maple Rice Pudding

Recipe by Victoria Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
I took a few ideas a created my own rice pudding recipe. My family loves it (me particularly), and it ...

Canadian Pork Loin Chops

Recipe by WestCoastMom Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
I came up with this recipe as I love maple and mustard. We wanted to add more flavor and not ...