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Milk Powder Candies

Recipe by Cacau Rating
Reviews 6 reviews
This Brazilian candy is primarily served at kids parties and the children love its delicious coconut flavor. You will love ...

Apple Topaz Candies

Recipe by Sarah Rating
Reviews 7 reviews
An apple goes a long way in this candy recipe! Little apple bits are rolled in cinnamon and sugar, caramel, ...

Coconut Candies

Recipe by sal Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
Chewy coconut candies are made with just milk, sugar, coconut and vanilla.

Turtles® Candies

Recipe by RebeccaJ Rating
Reviews 6 reviews
My husband’s grandma gave me this recipe. I love to make them during the holidays and have never had a ...

Candie’s SIMPLY Great Punch

Recipe by CANDIEANNE Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
Believe it or not, the party punch that people flip over is the easiest to make! Quit fooling with all ...

Candie’s Fluffy Cloud Punch

Recipe by CANDIEANNE Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
It can go either way, spiked or non-alcoholic… you end up with a fluffy cloud in your punch bowl. Best ...


Recipe by DEEJAYDOC Rating
Reviews 6 reviews
This drink is a great social drink for anyone who dislikes a heavy alcohol taste in their drinks.

Butter Cream Easter Egg Candies

Recipe by FoodJunkie Rating
Reviews 5 reviews
My grandmother used to make these every year at Easter. They taste very similar to the ‘Mary Sue’ butter cream ...