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Salmon and Swiss Chard Quiche

Recipe by lkb Rating
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This quiche with smoked salmon, mushrooms, and Swiss chard is a great breakfast or lunch option.

Swiss Chard with Garlic

Recipe by Barbara Rating
Reviews 2 reviews
This is a very simple recipe for Swiss chard. I like to use the whole vegetable but you need to ...

Quinoa with Salmon and Swiss Chard

Recipe by mmarshall Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
Quinoa is a high flavor, high protein grain made popular by the Incas, then rediscovered by NASA. Need I say ...

Quinoa Chard Pilaf

Recipe by ASTROPHE Rating
Reviews 10 reviews
This simple vegan dish combines the distinctive, nutty flavor of quinoa with chard, mushrooms, and lentils. Try using rainbow chard ...

Red Chard and Caramelized Onions

Recipe by Syd Rating
Reviews 10 reviews
This dish is good hot or at room temperature. I serve it as a side when the kids want mac ...