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Beef, Chorizo, and Chile Flautas

Recipe by Brian Genest Rating
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Seasoned beef, Anaheim chiles, and cheese rolled up in a crispy tortilla. Killer game day food. Traditionally pan-fried, which is ...

Easy Chorizo Stuffing

Recipe by Yoly Rating
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Kick your up stuffing another notch by adding Mexican chorizo. To make it easy, I used prepackaged chorizo found in ...

Cornbread Chorizo Stuffing

Recipe by Yoly Rating
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Put a twist on your stuffing by adding fresh Mexican chorizo. This is so delicious, you may want to serve ...

Vegan Potato Soy Chorizo Tacos

Recipe by gem Rating
Reviews 1 review
This is a vegan version of popular Mexican tacos made are traditionally made with potatoes and pork chorizo that are ...


Recipe by Matt Redmond Rating
Reviews 5 reviews
I love the flavor of chorizo but cannot stomach the thought of the variety meats traditionally used to make it. ...