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Gluten-Free Nuts and Seeds Clusters

Recipe by nan Rating
Reviews 5 reviews
This healthful snack comes in bite-size and is packed with nutrition. No mess, great to pack for trips. The clusters ...

Healthy Granola Clusters

Recipe by JOCARROLL Rating
Reviews 2 reviews
Very easy! Great for moms that don’t want white flour or sugary snacks! My 3-year-old daughter’s favorite ‘cookie’.

Peanut Clusters

Recipe by Donna Farrand Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
These chocolate peanut clusters are very easy to make.

Ga Ga Clusters

Recipe by SAUNDRA Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
Kids will really love these peanut chocolate candies.

Peanut Clusters II

Recipe by PAYDRA Rating
Reviews 7 reviews
Insanely rich but so crunchy and good. Any chocolate lover will enjoy these!

Macadamia Clusters

Recipe by Cindy Carnes Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
I made these for Christmas ’98 for work and had to make more for return trips back to work. They ...

Marble Nut Clusters

Recipe by Cindy Carnes Rating
Reviews 3 reviews
These are tasty, easy, and great on gift trays. They are also very decadent looking.

Chow Mein Clusters

Recipe by Anonymous Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
Quick and easy, no-bake drop cookies.