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Coffee and Irish Cream Bundt® Cake

Recipe by Kim Rating
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One of my husband’s favorite drink combos is Baileys® and coffee, so I decided to make the dynamic duo into ...

Peach Cobbler Coffee Cake

Recipe by Darcy Lenz Rating
Reviews 1 review
If you’re looking for a fun way to use up a few ripe, summer peaches and you happen to enjoy ...

Coffee and Donuts Tiramisu

Recipe by NicoleMcmom Rating
Reviews 2 reviews
This might be the most fun way to enjoy coffee and donuts! Mini powdered donuts are dipped in strong coffee, ...

Dairy-Free Coffee Creamer

Recipe by Tammy Lynn Rating
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If you’re vegan or just dairy-free, this creamer is a flavorful way to sweeten and lighten your coffee with just ...

Irish Coffee Cookies

Recipe by Kim Rating
Reviews 2 reviews
Soft, chewy coffee cookies with a subtle hint of whiskey flavor. Plan ahead, as these require a bit of refrigeration ...

Vietnamese Egg Coffee

Recipe by Yoly Rating
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Whipping an egg yolk into sweetened condensed milk will give you a meringue-like, silky, smooth fluff. Top your coffee or ...