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Death By Chocolate V

Recipe by Buffy Hyler Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
A delightful chocolate Bundt cake made from scratch with sour cream and studded with chocolate chips. For a variation, replace ...

Death of the Red Ant

Recipe by Lorem Ipsum Rating
Reviews 1 review
Based on the Red Ant cocktail created by a NYC bartender. Be sure to use a good quality mezcal. The ...

Death by Chocolate and Caramel

Recipe by KATERI Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
If you have a craving for chocolate this is the recipe. My sister and I came up with us when ...

Death by Chocolate

Recipe by Karen Rating
Reviews 10 reviews
I make this while I’m cleaning the kitchen after dinner–layers of German chocolate cake, toffee candy, and whipped topping.

Death by Chocolate Mousse

Recipe by DEME Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
I make this recipe for the holidays. It is the only pie that is gone at the end of the ...

Death By Chocolate III

Recipe by LaNita Rating
Reviews 10 reviews
Every time we have a church supper, I have to make this. It’s a favorite!

Death By Garlic

Recipe by Terry Stirling Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
This is a very flavorful dish that my brothers named Death By Garlic. Warning: If one person has this, you’d ...

Death By Chocolate Cake

Recipe by MARBALET Rating
Reviews 7 reviews
Ladyfingers, rum, chocolate and cream — more like a mousse than a cake, but this is still a very rich ...

Death By Chocolate II

Recipe by Bev Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
Also known as Killer Cake or Punch Bowl Dessert. Definitely one of the best!