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Double Chocolate-Cherry Cookies

Recipe by 18224119 Rating
Reviews 1 review
Dried cherries, white chocolate chips, and a rich chocolate dough create the perfect balance of sweet, tart, moist, and chewy ...

Bacon-Wrapped Double Dogs

Recipe by Chef John Rating
Reviews 4 reviews
We are building a better bacon dog by using 2 smaller hot dogs instead of 1 larger one, which we ...

Apple Bread with Double Streusel

Recipe by Yoly Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
One of the most delicious apple breads I have ever tasted. It is so unique because it has streusel on ...

Double Chocolate-Candy Cane Kiss Cookies

Recipe by Traci Rating
Reviews -
Perfect combination of chocolate with a sweet candy cane white chocolate treat on top! Layer cookies between waxed paper and ...