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Drunk German

Recipe by ValKyrie the Great Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
Tastes like a rootbeer barrel candy, but sinful. Sit on the couch and let this take you away.

Drunk Monkey Muffins

Recipe by MoreCoffeePlease Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
A grown up version of an old favorite: moist banana muffins with chocolate chips, shredded coconut and Jack Daniels® for ...

Drunk Deer Chili

Recipe by Ja Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
When I cook, I usually just throw stuff together and there it is. I got so many requests for this ...

Salsa Borracha (Drunk Salsa)

Recipe by ALI GARCIA Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
This is a special salsa that you can serve with Mexican tacos, fajitas, chicken or over eggs. I am from ...

Drunk Chicken in Gravy

Recipe by sms Rating
Reviews 7 reviews
A cross between beer-can chicken and coq au vin. May be done indoors using a Dutch oven or out on ...

Drunk Monkey

Recipe by MIKI Rating
Reviews 3 reviews
This drink is tropical, fruity, and soooo refreshing! A great summertime drink.

Drunk Dogs

Reviews 9 reviews
This recipe has been passed around our family for years. I do not know the origin, but our family loves ...

Drunk Chicken

Recipe by Max Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
Cooking a chicken on a beer can.