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Empanada Filling

Recipe by Allrecipes Member Rating
Reviews 4 reviews
This is my grandmother’s recipe for Peruvian beef empanada filling. Use homemade pie crust or, in a pinch, refrigerated pie ...

Empanada Pie

Recipe by KIMBERJS Rating
Reviews 2 reviews
Serve this empanada pie with a salad, hard-boiled eggs, salsa or sour cream, and shredded Mexican cheese (optional).

Authentic Empanada Pastry Dough

Recipe by Fioa Rating
Reviews 8 reviews
Try this easy and authentic empanada pastry dough! Quick to make since all ingredients are mixed in a food processor, ...

Chilean Empanada

Recipe by Alicia Moore Lutz Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
My mother is from Chile and these have been a staple of our household for years. I have searched and ...

Easy Empanada Samosas

Recipe by Karen Warshaw Rating
Reviews 1 review
This is a cross between a samosa and traditional empanada… using ground chicken! I like mine with aji sauce, but ...

Empanada Pork Filling

Recipe by lola Rating
Reviews 7 reviews
This pork filling can be made way ahead of time to shorten the preparation time for these Filipino empanadas. Use ...

Empanada Dough

Recipe by lola Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
This basic dough can be filled with Empanada Pork Filling, then fried or baked.