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Chicken Empanadas

Recipe by Chef John Rating
Reviews 4 reviews
I’m showing you how to make what is one of the world’s greatest meat-filled pastries. Or, it can be, if ...

Carbonada Criolla Mini Empanadas

Recipe by SunnyDaysNora Rating
Reviews -
These tasty Latin American hand pies are stuffed with the comforting flavors of Argentinean carbonada criolla, a tasty beef and ...

Quick Vegetarian Picadillo Empanadas

Recipe by fabeveryday Rating
Reviews 1 review
These empanadas are filled with a vegetarian Puerto Rican-style picadillo filling. A few shortcuts (using canned potatoes and lentils) make ...

Quince Empanadas

Recipe by Fioa Rating
Reviews -
These delicious empanadas are arguably the most popular sweet treats in all of Argentina.

Empanadas Salteñas

Recipe by Allrecipes Member Rating
Reviews 1 review
These are truly traditional beef empanadas from Salta, one of the Northern Provinces in Argentina. Made with ground beef, potatoes, ...

Baked Chicken Empanadas

Recipe by Yoly Rating
Reviews -
These are quick and easy to make. And for an easier prep, I used diced rotisserie chicken and jarred salsa.

Baked Apple Empanadas

Recipe by nica36 Rating
Reviews 3 reviews
Small half-circle doughy dessert with apple-cinnamon filling. You can fill these with anything if you don’t like apple. This is ...