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Fiesta Sweet Potato Soup

Recipe by Chef Mo Rating
Reviews 5 reviews
A black bean puree is mixed with chunky sweet potatoes and kissed with some lime at the end. A mixture ...

Riced Cauliflower Fiesta Flats

Recipe by Ortega Rating
Reviews -
These veggie-filled fiesta flats use riced cauliflower and fajita seasoning as shortcuts to flavor! Vegetarian take on taco night.

Mexican Fiesta Breakfast Casserole

Recipe by rlt11_NMC Rating
Reviews 3 reviews
We ate this Mexican-inspired breakfast casserole once at a buffet brunch when we were on an organizing group for the ...

Fiesta Corn Tortilla Pizzas

Recipe by lucylove Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
I devised this simple snack for my Cinco de Mayo Fiesta party years ago. An instant hit, they get gobbled ...

Fiesta Onions

Recipe by mitch Rating
Reviews 2 reviews
Handed down from my mother. This is a great salad for onion lovers and even those who don’t care much ...

Fiesta Conch

Recipe by Judy Rating
Reviews 2 reviews
This recipe is a result of my intro to conch while spending several years sailing off the coast of Florida ...

Fiesta Tater Tot® Casserole

Recipe by 2macs114 Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
We invented this recipe one night after one of us wanted Tater Tot® casserole for supper, while the other wanted ...