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Fizzy Lime Vodka Press

Recipe by Wendy Lauzon Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
I was experimenting at camp one day when I was tired of drinking wine, beer, and all those sweet coolers. ...

Yummy Banana Fizzy

Recipe by Kristin Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
Very tasty recipe. Can’t even taste the alcohol. Perfect for summertime or holidays.

Fizzy Gelatin Salad

Recipe by Ashley Smith Rating
Reviews 7 reviews
My additions bring life to typical, boring lime gelatin! Easy dessert for any night of the week!

Fizzy Lifting Drink

Recipe by Patti Weiss Rating
Reviews 5 reviews
After scouring the Internet in search of an extra-special cocktail for our Willy Wonka-themed backyard movie party, it became apparent ...