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Swiss Fondue

Recipe by Diana Moutsopoulos Rating
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My husband grew up in Switzerland and it’s there where I truly began to appreciate fondue. There are many variations ...

Classic Cheese Fondue

Recipe by Chef John Rating
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Want to make fondue like a Swiss guru? Try this easy, simple, and foolproof method for making the ultimate cheese ...

Wine Fondue

Recipe by MARCPTOR Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
A lovely wine fondue for cooking chicken, rabbit or veal. Dip bite-size pieces of raw meat into the boiling fondue ...

Coq Au Vin Broth Fondue

Recipe by gerke627 Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
I first experienced this fondue at a popular chain restaurant. I’ve been trying to make it at home ever since. ...

Peanut Butter Fondue

Recipe by Debra Rating
Reviews 1 review
This decadent dessert fondue is incredibly rich and will satisfy both a sweet and salty craving. Serve with sliced bananas, ...

Crab Cheese Fondue

Recipe by Anne Rating
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This is a creamy, delicious fondue! It is a hit whenever I make it. Guests get so excited to get ...

Beef and Beer Fondue

Recipe by dolphinut Rating
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I got this recipe from my mother. We always have it at parties. The fondue is a thick, rich, tomato-type ...

Simple and Delicious Cheese Fondue

Recipe by Lisawas Rating
Reviews 6 reviews
My family is Swiss, so cheese fondue is a big tradition for birthdays. Made with the best cheese and served ...

Pizza Fondue

Recipe by MARNIKINS Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
An awesome change from cheesy fondue sauces! This pizza fondue is great for both kids and adults.