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Gourmet Sweet Potato Souffle

Recipe by Tina Hayes Rating
Reviews 10 reviews
This is one of my most-requested dishes, and it’s perfect for Easter, Thanksgiving, or anytime you need a fancy side ...

Gourmet Patty Melts

Recipe by Suzanne Rating
Reviews 2 reviews
Perfectly seasoned, juicy ground sirloin burgers, sauteed onion, and Cheddar cheese come together for a heavenly patty melt experience!

Gourmet Beer Cheese

Recipe by Dustin Jay Rating
Reviews 8 reviews
Perfect beer cheese recipe for Oktoberfest! Smoked Gouda adds the perfect touch. Serve with soft pretzels.

Easy Gourmet Pumpkin Soup

Recipe by lintlin Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
Use the bright orange hubbard pumpkins (Red Kuri, Baby Red Hubbard, or Orange Hokkaido) or small, fresh butternuts for a ...

Gourmet Camembert Cheese

Recipe by Amanda Keenan Rating
Reviews 1 review
This delicious cheese is topped with a little drop of honey and a few crushed pecans. Simple yet so delicious.

Gourmet Grilled Cheese on Rye

Recipe by spatulove Rating
Reviews 1 review
Savory grilled cheese with a little extra decadence. In my family, we all have different tastes. This recipe is to ...

Gourmet Pastelillos (Meat Pies)

Recipe by Joanna Rating
Reviews 2 reviews
The unique flavor of Puerto Rican seasonings, green olives, and lean beef combine in a deep-fried pastry for a deliciously ...

Gourmet Wasabi Grits

Recipe by TaMater Rating
Reviews 2 reviews
My budding gourmet chef husband invented this one morning as a perfect side to his wonderful Lump Crab Meat Swiss ...

Gabe’s Gourmet Steak

Recipe by #Gabe Rating
Reviews 1 review
A really simple and great marinade recipe! I used this recipe in a grilling competition to good reviews. I hope ...