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Beans and Greens Tartine

Recipe by Chef John Rating
Reviews -
Bacon, beans, Swiss chard, garlic, and cheese are combined in this delicious French open-faced sandwich called a tartine.

Easy Beet Greens

Recipe by barbara Rating
Reviews 2 reviews
Don’t waste your beet greens! They taste delicious and can be quickly and easily pan-fried.

Frittata with Leftover Greens

Recipe by ajhorse21 Rating
Reviews 8 reviews
Use up leftover cooked greens (which, in my experience, don’t reheat so nicely) in this delicious frittata! You can use ...

Tiffin on the Greens

Recipe by bd.weld Rating
Reviews 1 review
Whether you are on the golf course, in the park or even at work, this tiffin/bento box carrier is all ...

Pressure Cooker Kale Greens

Recipe by Sticky Rating
Reviews 7 reviews
This is a recipe for kale greens made in a pressure cooker with turkey bacon. I make this with a ...

Easy Collard Greens

Recipe by tammyhart Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
Easy southern collards the whole family will enjoy. Seasoning measurements are approximated; adjust to preferred taste.