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Mediterranean Grilled Salmon Kabobs

Recipe by Chef Mo Rating
Reviews -
Salmon marinated in tzatziki sauce is combined with tomatoes, peppers, and red onion for these Mediterranean-inspired grilled salmon kabobs.

Buffalo Chicken Grilled Cheese

Recipe by Chef Mo Rating
Reviews 1 review
Buffalo chicken with blue cheese and pepper jack meets grilled cheese in this quick and easy sandwich.

Grilled Garlic Shrimp

Recipe by France C Rating
Reviews -
These grilled shrimp receive a double dose of garlic flavor – fresh garlic and garlic salt. Try not to marinate ...

Grilled Carrots in Foil

Recipe by France C Rating
Reviews -
Grilling carrots in foil not only brings out their natural sweetness, it’s a no-mess way to cook your side dish ...

Grilled Corn "Tabbouleh"

Recipe by 13256936 Rating
Reviews 2 reviews
Grilled fresh corn kernels take the place of bulgur wheat and lend a slightly sweet edge in this version of ...

Easy Grilled Sticky Ribs

Recipe by Chef John Rating
Reviews 4 reviews
I’m showing you my favorite way to grill ribs, which of course, is not the same as barbecued ribs. Those ...

Grilled Chicken Margherita

Recipe by France C Rating
Reviews 5 reviews
This summer-ready grilled chicken margherita dish combines grilled chicken breasts with pesto, fresh mozzarella cheese, and cherry tomatoes for tons ...