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Halloween Oreo® Mummies

Recipe by fabeveryday Rating
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Turn chocolate covered Oreo® cookies into these adorable little mummy cookies that are just spooky enough for Halloween without being ...

Halloween Sugar Cookies

Recipe by Almond Breeze Rating
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Tender sugar cookies couldn’t be easier. Just roll into balls and flatten. Customize them for any event by sprinkling with ...

Halloween Candy Blondies

Recipe by Sandra Garth Rating
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Transform your leftover Halloween candy into gooey blondie bars. These bars pair perfectly with ice cream or a hot or ...

Halloween Cheesecake

Recipe by Allrecipes Rating
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A scary cheesecake sure to please everyone at your Halloween party. Once cool, decorate with colored sprinkles and scary gummy ...

Halloween Fruit Snacks

Recipe by Lola Rating
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If you are concerned that your kids eat too many sweets during Halloween, try these non-candy snacks. Dried and fresh ...

Halloween Cyclops Cupcakes

Recipe by Anonymous Rating
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These cyclops cupcakes are perfect for Halloween or for a kid’s birthday party if your child likes one-eyed monsters. I ...