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Healthier Jalapeño Poppers

Recipe by Juliana Hale Rating
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Try jalapeño poppers in the air fryer with a few flavor upgrades. Start with a Greek-style yogurt–based filling, then mix ...

Healthier Creamy Potato Salad

Recipe by coweed Rating
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Use this easy recipe formula to create a healthier creamy potato salad with any additions you like.

Healthier Turkey Enchiladas

Recipe by LKB Rating
Reviews 3 reviews
People with diabetes can enjoy cozy comfort foods like enchiladas. See how a few smart swaps can lower carbs, calories, ...

Healthier Banana Split Muffins

Recipe by Ginny Coy Rating
Reviews 1 review
These muffins was on ‘The Kids Page’ of the newspaper in 1996 and have become one of my favorite snacks. ...

Healthier Fresh Strawberry Muffins

Recipe by skyegirl1999 Rating
Reviews 1 review
This is my two-year-old’s favorite fresh strawberry muffin recipe! While it’s a sweet muffin, the ingredients are healthy enough that ...

Healthier Butternut Squash Fries

Recipe by hmstarr Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
Do you love sweet potato fries but not the calories? If so, opt for this healthy, easy recipe to satisfy ...