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Layered Brownies

Recipe by fabeveryday Rating
Reviews 1 review
My take on the layered brownies TikTok trend, using OREO® and Biscoff® cookie layers between layers of my classic brownie ...

Mexican Layered Casserole

Recipe by Caleb J. Bowey Rating
Reviews 1 review
Great Mexican-style layered casserole. My brother is one of the pickiest eaters I have ever seen, and he loved it. ...

Layered Oreo® Mousse

Recipe by andidrane93 Rating
Reviews 1 review
This is an extremely rich Oreo® and chocolate mousse dessert which combines many recipes!

Russian Layered Cake

Recipe by Anastasiya Rating
Reviews 1 review
A decadent cake with three distinct layers: walnut, raisin, poppy seed. I am not a big fan of cake. But, ...

Southern Layered Banana Pudding

Recipe by Meg Elisabeth Rating
Reviews 5 reviews
A friend’s step-father’s grandmother’s recipe. The family originates in the South and this is a recipe always being passed down ...

Layered Peanut Butter Brownies

Recipe by redraider Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
These are brownies with layers of peanut butter and frosting that my mother used to make me as a child. ...

Layered Pea Salad

Recipe by Kimberly Turnage Slater Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
This delightful layered salad is filling and fresh at the same time. It is so versatile that it works for ...