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Leftover Stuffing Waffles

Recipe by Bibi Rating
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When you have some leftover stuffing, give it an extra bit of crunch by turning it into waffles! You’ll need ...

Frittata with Leftover Greens

Recipe by ajhorse21 Rating
Reviews 8 reviews
Use up leftover cooked greens (which, in my experience, don’t reheat so nicely) in this delicious frittata! You can use ...

Joni’s Leftover Turkey Salad

Recipe by joni Rating
Reviews 1 review
Add a slice of cheese and lettuce and enjoy this turkey salad on moist egg bread or croissants!

Leftover Meatloaf Casserole

Recipe by J Bates Rating
Reviews 2 reviews
A quick casserole using leftover ingredients turns meatloaf, pasta, 2 kinds of cheese, and spices into a whole new meal.

Leftover Rice Dessert with Strawberries

Recipe by Anonymous Rating
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Leftover white rice makes a surprisingly yummy dessert; just add in whipped cream, sugar, strawberries, and some chocolate for a ...