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Light, Summery Lemon Cheesecake

Recipe by Amy Melvin Rating
Reviews 1 review
This is a light, airy, and creamy cheesecake. The lemon flavor is not too bold and it has a delicious ...

Light and Fluffy Vegan Waffles

Recipe by Breanna Ford Rating
Reviews 4 reviews
Simple, vegan waffle recipe for a lazy weekend morning. Cooked waffles store well in the fridge or frozen and reheat ...

Light Caramel Frappe

Recipe by flcook Rating
Reviews 2 reviews
It tastes as good as the one from a very famous and expensive coffee house. You will love it – ...

Overnight Light PB&J Oats

Recipe by BathtubNinja Rating
Reviews 10 reviews
This grab-and-go breakfast has it all: quick prep, easily customizable, great flavor with tons of health benefits. These oats are ...

Light and Airy Strawberry Cupcakes

Recipe by Mmuffinz Rating
Reviews 6 reviews
These strawberry cupcakes will leave you begging for more! Moist, light, and airy, they look great with a white and ...

Alice’s Turkey Day Light Rolls

Recipe by Jeff Rating
Reviews 8 reviews
I’m sure these rolls were the reason for the original Thanksgiving! Mom stopped making them years ago and I wondered ...

Light Apple Stuffing Muffins

Recipe by JJsMa Rating
Reviews 2 reviews
I decided to combine my wheat muffin recipe with the rest of the ingredients that I use to make stuffing. ...