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Strawberry Malted Milk Meringues

Recipe by irvin-lin Rating
Reviews 1 review
Channel Willy Wonka and surprise Santa when you combine two sweet treats. Here, a festive meringue that tastes like a ...

Easy Malted Waffles

Recipe by Grace Chalk Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
A lot easier than most malted waffle recipes, but still delicious!

Peanut Butter Malted Cookies

Recipe by Martin Rating
Reviews 1 review
Makes great cookies! Using barley malt sweetener instead of brown sugar yields a light, not-quite-as-sweet cookie.

Malted Milk Waffles

Recipe by sal Rating
Reviews 7 reviews
These tender waffles are packed with flavor.

Neapolitan Malted Milkshake

Recipe by 3D's Mom Rating
Reviews 3 reviews
This is a creamy sweet treat. Garnish with whipped cream and a cherry-or a malted milk ball!

Malted Milk Chip Cookies

Recipe by Anonymous Rating
Reviews 9 reviews
Chocolate chip-like cookies with malted milk balls.