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Toasted Marshmallow Cake

Recipe by Kim Rating
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If you enjoy the flavor of toasted marshmallows, then this cake is for you! It’s great topped with additional toasted ...

Homemade Marshmallow Bald Eagles

Recipe by SHORECOOK Rating
Reviews 1 review
These cute little eagles made with marshmallows, coconut, and chocolate can be served on their own or used as cupcake ...

Chocolate Marshmallow Melt Cookies

Recipe by Jenn G. Rating
Reviews 2 reviews
Beautiful, big, and puffy cookies with peanut butter, chocolate chips, marshmallows, and oatmeal, dusted with coconut.

Marshmallow Layer Bars

Recipe by Shannon Rating
Reviews 1 review
A cake layer topped with marshmallows topped with peanut buttery Rice Krispies® topping. Simply delicious.

Marshmallow Dream

Recipe by iwantcandy35 Rating
Reviews 4 reviews
This is a very nice, sweet Christmas or holiday drink that’s been in my family for a while. It’s very ...